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Jimmy and me at the Metaltown festival.
Julius and me.

Early morning.

Its 10min to 6 in the morning :O.

All fixed and drinking coffee before I go to the train station.

This is to early, its not normal!

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Thank you guys!
=D =D =D

This was nr 1000:
Its not a good photo but I dont have a camera so I had to use my sellphone.
Anyway heres my new hair =)
BTW: My head has a really weird shape =P lol
This was cozy. I love my Angelica! =)
@ the park!

I use to play this game when I was younger. Just found it again and it still rocks =)

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Poor stupid cat.

When I woke up this morning I walked out in the kitchen and saw 4 small piles of cat puke. :S

My cat have been puking all night and he puked 2 more times before I had to go to work.

First I thought he was sick so I called the vet but they thought he might ate something weird. And they was right, I think, cus I found a long leaf from one of our palms we have in the kitchen in his puke.

Then I saw he had aten like half the palmtree =P. No wounder he was puking.

I hope he feels better when I get home. Luckely Angelica is home with him so hes not allone.

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Me and Jocke =).
I’m having a coffee with this beardy man tomorrow.

Personal Order!

Okay, back to pen and paper bitch.

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Why do I always feel most creative at night, often when I dont have time to be awake?

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Band mascot design.

I just got an offer to design a mascot for a band in Oslo.

I hope I can pull this off, it would be a good starting point for my freelanceing.

If the band like it they will use it on their debute album and on T-shirts.

Keep your fingers crossed! =)

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Is it bad that I often look at my own art videos and think, ooh thats a nice video =P

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