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First Black Ops clip, check it out on twitter.

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Check out my new tattoo on twitter.

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I'll be updating much more at Twitter.

We are going to the Swedish festival Hultsfred in a cuple of hours. Its gona be awesome and I’m gona look like this all week!

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I love this photo.
So much color and happiness =)
There we go, a photo of my new hair color.
(Manic Panic - Enchanted Forest)
Me @ work
Me and a cuple of my friends whom I play Dungeons & Dragons with.
I nearly died tonight.
Thank you Micke for killing the big fuckin´ snake creature and saving me and the crew!
I love that girl so much!!!
Old photo but I really like it!
Bla bla bla
Pimp my vest!
My fingers hurt…