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I love MINECRAFT and heres what I’m working on atm. A cube house.
Do you play?
What is a Hipster?
Think you got the answer?
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Angelica and I went totaly CRASY last night! Read more about it here on my blog! XD

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Blog is now Swedish and English!

Apparently theres a cuple of you Tumblrs who like to read my blog but dont understand Swedish so from now on I’ll try to add an English part to each post.

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So I’m curently writing my blog in swedish but I was thinking that I might add an english translation at the end of each post. First I need to know if there is enough interest in this kind of thing.

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Bloodline Champions. My gamertag is Jotho, let me know if you play and wana play some matches.

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Star Wars headphones review (Swe & Eng).

For those who understand Swedish, heres a day in my free time =P.

Its supose to be funny but if you dont understand Swedish its not so funny =P

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This is me at work with this years halloween makeup.

Made some changes and added a shoutbox!

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Check out the picture and video of my squid tattoo

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