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About a movie and some other stuff!

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Fake Future

Today is NOT future day!!!

(Or yesterday =P)

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I finally bought a new game!

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There you go anon.

Zombie sleeve outlines, part one.

Today I started on my zombie sleeve. Check it out on my blog.

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There you go :)

I hate standing in line.

Read more about it on the blog!

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Ask me anything.

Well hello there.

My girlfriend is havig this “Ask my boyfriend anything”-thing on her blog so I thought I’ll let you know about it.

Just follow the link and ask me something by posting a comment. I’ll answer all the questions this Sunday, its the 16th on June, as early I can.

I’ll post something about it here on Sunday aswell.

Follow this L I N K!

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Follow me on Twitter.

I’m trying to get my Twitter up and running so dont miss that. Lots of fun stuff going on there…lol.

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Now THATS a boner!

Read more about it on my blog!

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Naked asses and dip dye!

Read about is on my blog!

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