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Got a new perfume from @LushSweden. It smells awesome and the bottle is even more awesome! #Lush #LordOfGoathorn


The Chipophone

The Chipophone is a homemade 8-bit synthesizer, especially suited for live chiptune playing. It has been built inside an old electronic organ.

All the original tone-generating parts have been disconnected, and the keys, pedals, knobs and switches rerouted to a microcontroller which transforms them into MIDI signals. Those are then parsed by a second microcontroller, which acts as a synthesizer.

Weird subway sketch in the making. #ballpointpen #art #subwayart
Some progress on this one. Not sure I like it…hmmm.
Getting old?

pseudovirtue asked: You're very good at dotwork and linework from what I can see and that's super popular at the moment tattoo-wise, would you ever do commissioned pieces? Keep up the good work hope you and your girl are both well :)

Thanks =D you just made my day =).

Well I can try and do a tattoo design but I can’t promise it will turn out tattooeble =P

Started something new. Fun with details =) not sure hiw this will turn out but it’s a lot of fun =). #Sketchbook #Blackbook #Art
Got 3 old and used boards in the mail today. Got them for a really nice price and I hope I can make a good profit once I’ve painted them.
Go follow my art Tumblr and show me some support =).

Finn The Human. [SOLD]
Ink, Touch Markers, Pencils and Gellpen.
This started out as a goofy sketch and then I started to play with some colors and even before it was done a friend said he wanted to buy it when it was finished =)
Okay I’m done for tonight. Still a few things to add but it starting to look nice =). What do you think? #FinnTheHuman #Adventuretime #Blackbook #Sketchbook #TouchMarkers. [SOLD]💪
Working with shadows like Wolverine! 😬
Messing around with some colored markers tonight. Lots of fun and I’m learning a lot. This sketchbook has the worst paper for markers =p. #Finn #Adventuretime #FinnTheHuman #TouchMarkers #Sketchbook #Blackbook
Dance! #dance #dance
Old portrait of Damon I did back in 2011. All done in Windows Paint with the mouse. I really like this one. #windowspaint #mspaint #damon #portrait
Painting the spine tonight. Everything looks so crapy at this stage of the painting. Can’t wait to put in the outlines =). #skateboardart #skateboard #acrylic #deckart #sk8 #spine #jellyfish